Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weeks 8-9 Transfer 1 Weeks 3-4

Sorry for the delay on posting for the last few weeks. Here's the latest from Elder Trepanier ~Stacey

Week 8

Hey guys,

So let me start off with a spiritual experience that I had this week. The other day my comp and I contacted a house and when the person that was living there came out to talk to us, my comp just went silent and he let me do the majority of the contacting and when I would look at him for help, he would not help me at all so that I can get better practice. I could tell that the spirit was telling me what to say.

So far the majority of my mission has been contacting people and finding new people to teach the gospel, and let me tell you that this work is not easy at all, and I remember a talk that I heard Elder Holland give on missionary work and one thing that he says stands out to me is that missionary work is not easy because the life of Jesus Christ was not easy.

There wer 2 missionaries that finished their missions this week and when they shared their testimonies they said that their testimonies of the atonement were strengthened and it is the atonement that will help us through the mission as we become better representative of Christ and as we walk in his footsteps.

I hope that everything is going well for all of you where ever you may be.

Elder Trepanier

Week 9

Hey guys,

So today I have completed 2 months in the mission. Not much has happened this week to me and companions so I apologize in advance that this email is going to be probably one of the shortest that I have sent.

I do not have that much to talk about because I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday and I did not leave the house except to ear. On another note, Elder Coj and I received a new companion who's name is Elder Garnica from Bolivia who has 16 months done in his mission.

Hope that everything is going fine for all you guys back home.

Elder Trepanier

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 7 - Transfer 1 - Week 2

Hey guys, 

So I have just about completed my second week here in Honduras. Everything is going fine for me so far. I am acclimating to the climate pretty well. It is hot here but it is a humid heat. A lot of my time that I have spent doing is basically tracting areas and contacting people to teach and sharing short messages about the gospel. 

The people here are humble and alot of them are very reciving to the missionaries. Alot of the homes are 4 rooms with concrete floors. The areas that we cover are small townships. The main area that we cover is an area called La Paz which is a decent sized neighborhood in the states which is just outside the city of La Lima. 

Alot of the time that I am teaching I am useing scriptures out of the bible because it is something that all the people here in hunduras and it is hard to give them the BofM and have them read it. So i am starting to read a little bit out of the new testiment and it is interesting to think about it and how the teachings apply to me as a missionary, and how I can relate them to my investigators. 
The scripture that I am ponderizing this week is James 1:5. 

Hope that everyone is doing fine this holiday season. 

Elder Trepanier

Stacey notes: 
I chucked at his "humid heat" comment. Coming from the desert, where it's a "dry heat" in the 100+ summer months.

I had the chance to email chat for a little while with Elder Trepanier. Here are some of our exchanges:
Tell me about the area you are serving in? 
How's the ward? 
Are you speaking more Spanish?

There are a lot of homes. It is the size of a decent sized neighborhood in Vail (think our house in shadow pines). and we cover small little townships. I am speaking more Spanish and it is coming a lot more now because I am fully immersed in it and not that many people speak or understand English.
The majority of the homes are small 4 room houses. The majority of them have concrete floors. The ward that I am serving in now is a large one in terms of area that it covers but there are about 160 members each week that come to church. The ward covers 4-5 townships and other small areas. 

So what have you been eating?
A main staple that they eat here is a lot of chicken and Baleadas which is a tortilla with beans, cheese and different things such as eggs chicken ect. 

There were also some pictures sent by a person from the ward of the Elders and Hermanas helping them decorate the family's Christmas tree. It's great to see his smiling face!