Monday, February 29, 2016

Weeks 15-19 Transfer 2 Weeks 4-8

February 1st
Hello Family, 

Things are going fine for me as I am working. I am continually learning patience with my companion and looking to the eternal perspective so that I my better myself as a missionary and a person. We have 2 more weeks until we have changes in the area in which my companion is probably going to leave the area and I am going to be getting a new companion. During P-Days there are activities that we can go to with other missionaries if there are any such as playing sports mainly. In my area we normally walk around our area for the most part, and there area buses to take us to other areas in Cieba. I am starting to get to know the major part of the city which is known as Centro which is basically city center were there are stores and such that we can buy. 

I have been reading our search for happiness by Elder Ballard this week in my free time that I have and it is interesting how he puts in words and explains things that are gospel related. I am just about finnished with it now. I am learning more and more as I read it. 

I could not really take many pictures this week so I will be sending you some pictures of me with other missionaries that were in my District/Zone. 

February 8th


Things are going fine for me. This week we have 2 baptisms and it was through the gifts of God that they happened, and I am glad of it. I started praying and asking directly that I wanted to have a baptism with my companion before the end of this change and I could see the works of the Lord as I think of what happened up to the point that we were filling out the baptismal forms for them. I will be sure to send pictures next week of the baptism. 

I finished the Book of Mormon this week in my mission and I actually feel good about it because it is the 3rd time that I have read it all the way through and as I continue to read passages of it and study what they mean I find that I am learning more and more of what is being taught by the prophets of those days. 

I hope that the family is doing good. Let me tell you time really does fly by in the mission (I guess that it is because we are working every single day) I complete 1 6th of my mission this Saturday. 

Elder Trepanier
Oh yeah here are some photos. What I go out in, when it rains in this area and a recent photo of what I look like a week after my first hair cut in this area.

February 15th


This week was pretty good with the baptism and all I will be putting a photo of it in the email. It was a good experience to have as a missionary seeing that people want to change there lives for the better so that they can become more closer to our Heavenly Father. 

This week I had a spiritual experience when we were teaching a family that are investigators and let me say they they are ready to hear the gospel and make the changes that are needed to better there lifes. We were teaching about the Book of Mormon and we had left 2 books with them and they had started to read them so when we cam back for another visit the mom had read the entire first few parts of the book and the father had prayed and felt that he needed to read the book to find out that it was true and such. My companion and I started to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon and that our heavenly father answers our prayers that we give. 

Glad that you had a good time with Aunt Deanne and Uncle James while they were there this week. Hope the best for you guys. 

Oh yeah and as missionaries we receive the Liahona as well and let me say that it is cool. 

Elder Trepanier

February 22nd


Things are going fine for me right now in the mission. We had changes and Elder Valenciano left the area and Elder Hernandez is now my companion. He is from Nicaragua and let me say he is different than my last companion we seem to always be talking and it seems that we are on the same page for teaching and such which really was not the case with my last companion. My spanish is starting to get better and I am starting to speak more and more and not be afraid to talk to people and express my feelings to them. 

The people that we baptized that I sent a picture of are a mother and daughter. I really did not teach them that much we just finished teaching them the lessons in the change and got them ready for baptism. With my new companion we are starting to teach the son of the daughter who is in the picture. 

Hope you have a good week.

Elder Trepanier

February 29th

Hey Dad, 

Things are going fine for me for this week. Elder Hernandez wants to learn English but right now we are talking the majority of the time in Spanish so that I can get more and more used to Spanish and then we will transition to me teaching him English. In the picture that I sent to you guys last week of me in the background the one with his head turned is my companion, and this is right by one of the stake centers in the area that we go to play soccer. 

As for my mission president, he is finishing in June July so we will be getting a new one when he leaves. With this I am trying to learn all that I can from him so that when the new mission president comes I can adjust to what he wants us to do as missionaries. I have to tell you I have learned a lot from President Klein and I will miss him when he leaves. All mission presidents have there own respective attitudes , but with President Klein it was different than with the MTC president. This is because he speaks with charity and clarity to help the missionaries get through whatever times that they are going through. 

The church here in Honduras they do not do scouts for the young men in the ward. The youth in the ward have seminary at 5 in the morning Monday to Friday which is interesting. 

Hope that this week goes good for you guys. Talk to you next week.

Elder Trepanier

Hey Mom, 

For me everything is going well. When I was thinking one day I thought about what the MTC President said that I would start to be comfortable with Spanish in about 4 months of my mission and I feel like I am at that point in my mission right now. I am comfortable with talking and expressing my feelings more and more in Spanish to our investigators that we have as well with the members. 

This week we have a multizone conference which I will be sure to write you guys about next week. I am sorry that I could not send you guys photos because I brought my camera but I forgot the adapter for it to send photos. I am starting to open up more and more and talk with my companion and other missionaries in the zone. 

Hope that this week goes good for you guys.  

Elder Trepanier