Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 42 Transfer 3


Hello Family, 

Things are going fine for me and all here in Morazan. On Wednesday we had changes. We left at 6 oclock to leave from La Cieba to bus to get to Progreso to meet our companions and all. My new companion is from Mexico from the capital. His name is Elder G. Cañedo. Things are going fine with him so far with the work that we are doing. The packing went fine and all and as for travel we take public transportation to get to our new areas. To get to my are we had to take a bus to go from La Cieba to Progreso and then take another bus from Progeso to get to Morazán in total that was about 5 hours of riding in a bus. 

The church in Morazan is pretty small right now it is a branch and we do not have a chapel to attend on Sundays. For right now we are attending church in the back yard of a member and all. We are looking forward to be able to have a chapel and attend church in it which will make missionary work much easier, and it is looking like we will be moving to this new chapel by the end of this month. Right now the attendance is rising right now this week we had 53 attend and it seemed like normally they usually have 40-45 members attend. As missionaries go there are 2 companionships in this branch. 

My area right now is nothing like the area that I had in La Cieba. It is basically the complete opposite from what I told you about my last area. It is large, flat, and freek it is hot here I looked at the forecast for this week for Morazan and we will be in the 90s for the majority of this week and we might get a bit of rain and all. Basically the transfers went like this we got to the area had a bit of time to eat lunch and unpack then we went to work. Right now it is basically that we are looking for more people to teach because of the division that we had in the area and we basically lost all of our investigators that we had. 

Thank you all for your support have a good week. Andrew, Rachel have fun in school and enjoy it while you can you only get one opportunity to be in high school make the most you can of it and most importantly have fun. 

As for my package mom it has not come yet from what I know it could be here for me tomorrow. I will be sure to let you know when it comes. And happy early anniversary mom and dad. Thank you for every thing that you guys do. 

A scripture that I want to share with you guys that has helped me in my mission is found in D&C 68:6 which says,  Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.   
Personaly this has helped me for when things seem to not be going well for me in my mission I have the confidence in our Heavenly Father. 

And yes dad that woman that I dreamed being baptized was baptized. It was 2 Saturdays ago when i sent you the photo. 

Elder Trepanier

Weeks 33-41 Transfer 2

I really let myself get behind on updating Elder Trepanier's blog. Here's everything from the last few months. I'll create a new post for his most recent email. 


Hello Family, 

Things are going fine for me this week. Not that much happened for me week. It was pretty much a normal week for me in my area. The ward is doing fine right now there is a push to try and activate less active members so that the attendance of the ward starts to raise up because about 3 months ago there was a change of ward boundaries and our ward suffered because there was area that was just taken out of our boundaries. 

This week we have stake conference on Saturday and Sunday and we have one of the 70 of the area coming to talk. I believe that it is Elder Alonzo that is coming. We also have a multi zone conference next Tuesday as well in which this will be one of the last times that we will be seeing President Klein before he leaves and the new mission president President Carlisle  comes the next week after the multi zone conference, because he will be in charge of the transfers when the next ones are. 

Hope that you guys all have a good summer and enjoy it. Enjoy the photos.  

Elder Trepanier

 Taken at Pico Bonito (National Park)


Hello family, 

This week went fine for me here in the mission. The pictures that I sent last week the one that had the person with the machete was when we were at a service project in our area and I decided to take some picks. The waterfall that is in the picture is in a national park here called Pico Bonito it was cool to go there and see what it is like there. 

This week we had a stake conference were they changed the stake presidency and they had a area 70 come to speak. This general authority was Elder Alonso and let me say that the words that he said were inspired. I had the opportunity to shake his hand on Sunday when he came. We were standing outside and President Klein comes and then a minute later Elder Alonso comes and he shakes the hands of the missionaries that are standing outside and let me say that I felt the spirit strongly when I shook that hand. The words that they spoke were well said and let me say that the spirit was strong during that meeting. 

Tomorrow we have a multi-zone conference and this is the last time the we will see President Klein and I have a feeling that this will be great. I cant wait to get to know the new mission president and what he will be like and the rules that he will bring to the mission. I will be sure to send you pictures of what goes on. 

So I heard that some dude shoot up a gay club and killed 50 people and injured 52. Man that is sad to hear to me in the mission. How are people reacting to this news and all? Hope that Andrew has fun on his high adventure and all. Hope that things go well for you this week. Talk to you later.

Elder Trepanier


Hello Family, 

Things for me have gone fine for me. It looks like I am staying in La Cieba for another change which will make 5 changes here which is just about 7 months in one area of my mission. This is fine and all but let me say that after 4 changes in my area I am a bit tired with things but it looks like our ward is changing for the better because they have realized that they can not leave everything up to the missionaries in visiting and all they need to be doing there home/visiting teaching. 

Hope that you are enjoying the heat that you guys are getting now maybe you feel what I am fealing temperature wise here in Honduras and all. Dad let me just tell you a happy fathers day and hope that you had a great day. Here in Honduras they celebrate fathers day in april I believe. And I wish you a happy birthday as well. 

Hope that you all have a great rest of the summer and all. I have been talking to Chris and it looks like he is going to be moving to Lexington Kentucky to go to school and all which is good for him. And I also hear that Hunter will be coming home this week say hi to him for me when you guys can and such. It is legit crazy how much time flies by in the mission and all it seems like 2 years is not that much time. 

Have a good week.

Elder Trepanier


Hello Family, 

First of thanks for your words of encouragement and all that you have sent to me in these last few weeks. I personally have come to a make or break point in my mission I feel like this time for me will define how I will be as a person and if I don't think so I am lying to myself as a person and as a missionary. Right now I am continually praying for guidance that I might receive comfort, and I am starting to make some changes than the way I thought things would be when I first entered the mission. I have set myself some goals that I want to complete in my mission. With this mentality I hope that I can make the changes that I need to that I might help all the people that I can in my mission. With these decisions that I have made personally I can say that I have started to depend more spiritually and act more on the promptings of the spirit that I feel when I am teaching. I have started to trust more in my Heavenly Father knowing that he will help me as I seek for guidance in this tough time in my mission that I am in right now were the baptisms are not coming now, but I know that in time and with these changes that I am making personally will have an impact on the work. 

This week as I have been thinking one of the things that I can do is start to develop a voice that I need to have in my life. I feel like I can not just let other people walk all over me and not say anything about it. As for my Spanish I have gotten better that I am starting to feel confident when ever it is my time to talk to the people. I have started to study my scriptures in Spanish so that I can continue bettering my pronunciation and as this happens I hope that those that I teach can understand me. With my companion things are going fine there are a few problems that we can work out just by talking. I hope that when we do this we can better our relationship and our teaching in our area. 

Hope that things go fine for you and that you can stand the heat and continue to have a good time on vacation. Say hi to Hunter for me if you see him. I continue to pray for you guys always. 

Love you with all my heart,

Elder Trepanier


Andrew, Rachel, 

Thanks for everything that you have done for me in these last few years. I can tell you that I have missed you, but I know that this is the work of the Lord and what I am doing is worth it as I am striving to bring other families to Christ. Read your scriptures daily and study them as a family. Say your prayers morning and night and in families as well. Enjoy the rest of you summer that you have. 

Love you all.

Elder Trepanier


Thank you for your advise that you have given me in this last email. Let me just say that this week has gone a bit more easier and all with what I have started to do. I am starting to rely more on the spirit, searching for strength in the scriptures, and continually praying to better myself and become the missionary that the lord wants me to be and to serve him with all my Heart, might, mind, and strength (D&C 4:2). I can truly say that this time for me has strengthen me as a person and much more as a missionary. I have come to a point were I can rely on the Lord to help me whenever times get rough. 

Hope that you and Rachel have a fun time in Montreal and all. Let me say that I want to travel with grandma and get to know Canada as well when I get back from my mission and all. 

I have met my new mission president this last week and he seems like he is going to be a good mission president. We have interviews with him on the 15 of this month and I cant wait to see what he is like and all. I think that the new mission presidents wife will keep a blog and all you will have to keep an eye out. And a weird thing happened when I met my mission president his wife said that she and mom are freinds on Facebook and all and when I hear this I am like okay thanks for telling me and making me a bit baggi and all. 

Right now the are is going fine all that we are doing right now is that we are trying to work more with them members/bishopbric and search for more people to teach. Right now we have 3 baptisms that are basically just about firm the only thing is that 2 of them have to get married and we are trying to help them to get the money to take out the papers that they need. (I explained a bit more of this to mom). 

Thank you guys for all your help and suport that you have given to me throgh this tough time that I am going through. 

Elder Trepanier


Thanks so much for all that you have done. I have personal y started to do all that I can and start to rely on the spirit more in my teaching and in my studying and all. Thanks for your prayers throught out this week. I am starting to understand the phrase serve him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength (D&C 4:2). I also received an email from Uncle Grant as well with him talking about some of the same things that I am going through right now as well. I feel like now I am starting to become stronger as a person from these hard times that I am in right now. I can not say that this time that I am in right now is far from over, but I am starting to become more confident and all that I am starting to find my inner voice as I have started to strengthen myself spiritually and to become the missionary that I can be as well as an example to others and my companions.

Right now in my area we are teaching 1 couple and another investigator that you can say are golden and ready to accept and live the gospel at this time. Their names are Antonio, Wendy, and Elias. Let me just start by saying that these 3 investigators are references from a less active member that is starting to return to church after 11 years of being inactive. I truly believe that they were sent to us by the Lord to be baptized at this time. The only thing is that Antonio and Wendy have that is a bit of a down side is that they have to get married and that takes time and money and with that we are working on helping them take out there papers so that they can get married and baptized on the 30th of this month and this would be a great day and experience if this happens because I do not believe that I will have much more time in this are when transfers come. 

Hope that you have a happy Independence day today and a great week. Continue praying for me I will for you. 

Elder Trepanier

JULY 11 (Actually the 12th since he was a day late with his email)


Cool story. It would be great to know where our name is from and the story behind it. It would be sick to go on that zipline that you were talking about. For me this week has been good for me and all. This week we had 8 investigators in sacrament meeting on Sunday and we did not leave to bring them to church. I can not believe that half the change has gone by and I have just about 9 months in the mission. On Friday we have interviews with President Carlisle I cant wait to get to know him more and how he starts to build relationships with his missionaries. In these next few weeks we have a few baptisms. Hope that you continue to enjoy the rest of your trip in Quebec. 

Elder Trepanier

Hey Mom, 

Sorry for not emailing you yesterday. I was in San Pedro with my companion visiting some of his converts in his area in San Pedro and we did not have time to write yesterday. Things are going fine for me and all. I actually do know Elder Hepworth and he is in my zone right now and all. It has been cool to hear from dad and his adventures in Quebec and all. Thanks for the email of Hunter I will be sure to talk to him in these weeks and all to see how he is doing. 

This week went fine and all in the work. This Sunday we had 8 investigators that attended church without us coming to bring them and all. And remember when I had a baptism fall through in the middle of the last change and I was feeling down on that. Welp not anymore because she has returned from her leave of absence in San Pedro and all. We found her in the house of her grandma on a Thursday night and we were shocked and happy to see and hear from her finally. We are planning to baptize her this next Saturday and all and we are excited. It looks like in these next few Saturdays we have baptisms planned. 

This Friday we have interviews with President Carlisle. I am waiting to get to know how he is a mission president and as a person in the time that I have with him and all. When we had the welcome for him he seems like a soft spoken man and humble as well. Hope that you have a good time with Andrew in this time that dad will be gone. 

Elder Trepanier 


Hey Family, 

Things are going fine for me right now and all here in Honduras. It looks like we will be having 4-5 baptisms these next 2 weeks. I am actually pretty excited for these baptisms and the people that will be changing there lives with this big step in there lives. My interview with President Carlisle when fine and all. From this interview I can say that President Carlisle is humble and soft spoken and when he speaks you can tell that he has been called to be a servant of the Lord as a mission president here which I actually like about him.

This week for me I have studied Alma 18-22 and with that I have began to focus more on my purpose as a missionary and my job to teach all to come unto Christ that they may be baptized and take the first steps of obtaining eternal life. In my interview with President Carlisle he asked me what was a thing that I liked about missionary work, and I said that I liked getting to know the people here and to start to see them change. He then said that missionary work is not just to baptize all the people that you can in your 2 years it is to help them take time and steps to receive eternal life so that their families can be eternal and the words that he said there inspired me and it was at that point that I recognized that he was called of the Lord to be a mission president, and not just any mission president my mission president. 

Enjoy these next few weeks of summer and all. Have fun and remember to chose the right in all things. 

Talk to you next week. 

Elder Trepanier


Hey Mom, 

Things this week went fine and all. We had a baptism this week and are looking to have a couple more this Saturday as well. With the amount of time that I have in my area I have a feeling that I will me moving areas in these next changes that will be happening this next Wednesday. Glad to hear that all went well in your travels to SLC. Enjoy your time that you have in SLC with family and all. Say Hi to everyone for me back in SLC. 

Elder Trepanier  

Hey Dad, 

Thanks for everything. Things this week have gone fine and all for me. We ended up having a baptism this last Saturday and are hoping that all the pieces fall into place so that we can have another baptism this Saturday. Good to hear that all is going well with Rachel these past few weeks while you and her have been together and all. I am grateful for the time that I have had on my mission and in my area. I have learned a lot of things about myself and started to better some things as well in my time here. Just to say with the time that I have in my area it seems like that I will be having a change of areas this next Wednesday when they fall. I have got to say that I will be sad when I leave this area I have gotten to love the ward here and started to try to help them as I can as a missionary. 

I can say that I have learned that I have been blessed in my life to live in the US knowing that everything will be fine and all. Lately things have got a little bit hot here because of the US presidential race and Donald Trump. Let me say that it does not look like that you will be coming to pick me up from my mission because I do not want to put the lives of you and mom in danger here in Honduras. Hope that this week goes well for you and all. 

Elder Trepanier



Thanks for everything. Things for me have gone fine this week. We ended up having 3 baptisms this week and let me say that it was a great experience to see these investigators change their lives and see them leave the waters of baptism knowing that they were able to feel the spirit. We were able to attend the weeding of these investigators as well on Friday when they got married. This was a comfort for me to see knowing that they were starting to take the steps to be baptized. This change I have seen the hand of the Lord in this work with all the blessings that we have received that made these baptisms possible in this change. Sadly my time that I have in La Ceiba has come to an end and I will be leaving for a new area which is in Morazan, Yoro. I will always remember my converts that I have here and try to help them as much as I can and not forget about them. 

It was great to hear that you were able to talk and meet President Klein and get to know him with Andrew as well. I hope that he was animated to go on a mission with talking to him. Glad to hear that you had a good time in SLC with your family and all. Hope that Andrew had fun at his volleyball camp. 
I am so sorry to hear about Akaysha. I will pray for Uncle Matt, Aunt Kiersty, and their family and I will fast as well that they might find comfort and feel of the Spirit. 

Hope that this week goes well for you guys. 

Elder Trepanier

PS I will be sending pictures next week.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weeks 31-32 Transfer 2

May 22nd

Hello Family,

Things here for me have been going fine. I have gotten used to my new companion Elder Pop in these past 2 weeks. We are going to have a baptism this week and I will be sure to send photos of it. The thing is that she is family of a recent convert that we have and she has never been so ready to be baptized. We shortly hope that the majority of this family can change their lives and become a family not only in this life but in the eternity. 

This week we have an activity with President Klein which is one of the final times that we will see him before he leaves this next transfer. In this activity all the missionaries in the zone have a chance to ask him questions that they have for him no matter what the topic is. I will be sure to send you guys pictures and all. This change for me has been a change of pace and we are working harder in our area and starting to advance the work even though the attendance of the ward is going down we will be there to help guide the ward in how they can better themselves. 

Probably this next change I will be leaving this area and I am working hard to try and leave the area better than I found it when I came, so that when the new companion of Elder Pop comes he will be able to work as well with him and that they will have success. 

It is cool to here that Katie is leaving for her mission this week. Tell her to send me emails as well if you can. 

Hope that this week goes well for you guys. 

Elder Trepanier

I found these photos in another email to Cory. I believe they are from his p-day to Utila a few weeks ago

May 30th

Hello family, 

Things for me went fine but the baptism that we had planned this Saturday fell through due to complications that happened during this week. I got a bit discouraged Saturday and Sunday when this happened, but things happen and God has a plan for all. The activity that happened with President Klein went great. He had some good advice to give us personally and spiritually as well. He had some good advice to give on marriage and such before he leaves this next few weeks and the new mission president comes in and does his work. 

Andrew it is good to hear that you are planning on enjoying your summer. Wow APUS be prepared for a lot of reading this year. A bit of advice try to finish your summer homework the fastest you can so that you can enjoy your summer. Work some take a bit of a break and relax and get back to work just work bit by bit and things will get done. It seems like you have a good plan to get into shape you could see if you can get a gym membership and go with friends if you can. Do cross training to continue to stay in shape and do not be a couch potato this summer like I was on my vacations. 

Rachel things will be fine with the transition of high school just do not waste your time and use it wisely to get your homework done. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it from mom and dad for your homework and if you feel tired and have a bunch of homework to do and you do not think that you will finish it in time to go to mutual make the decision that you believe to be the correct one go to mutual, or finish your homework that you need to get done. 

Hope that you have a good week, and good summer.

Elder Trepanier     

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 29-30 Transfer 2 Week 18-19

Week 29 (Post Mother's Day call)


So it was great to hear from you yesterday and talk. We found out yesterday that my comp Elder Hernandez has changes on Wednesday so I will be staying to see the baptism that we have for the 28th. When my comp found out we were just getting out of a lesson and he was shocked and was like it cant be so because I have less time than you. We went to go to a lesson with the investigator that is getting baptized on the 28th and he started to say goodbye and gave her a note and it ended up that she started crying because it is tough for both missionaries and investigators when there are changes the hard thing is that he is really kind and humble that when she read the note that he left for her she ended up crying. The crazy thing is that I had a dream in the beginning of this change that I would be the one that baptized her and I really did not know if that would be true or not, but it looks like I will be staying in my area for at least another change. 

Thanks for sending me the pictures of the honey extract. Like I told you guys yesterday when we talked if you can get me some honey that would be great if not than I can live without it. 

So like you guys know we went to Utila today and it was pretty cool to go and see the island. There are no missionaries on the island right now because it is a branch and there are not that many people that live there. Only alot of people that go to get certified to scuba dive and such. It ended up that President Klein came with us and it was cool to be with him for the day. Hope that you enjoy the pics that I took. Have a good week and continue to have fun these next few weeks with summer vacations and all. 

Elder Trepanier

Week 30

Hello Family, 

So I did not see an email that I had from you guys this week but let me say that all is fine for me here in the mission. (Yes, we missed our weekly family email - keeping it real) This week was changes and it ended up that I got a new companion in my area so I ended up staying in La Cieba for another 6 weeks with my new companion Elder Pop who is from Guatemala. He is so chill as a companion I think that I have had a good luck with companions in my mission I have gotten along with the majority of my companions in the mission so far. 

I have got to tell you that my companion has an interesting conversion story in how he became a member of the church. He is a convert of 2 years and before he was a member he was catholic but not catholic by birth and only went to church a few times a year, he was active in the catholic church in his home town. Some of his family were already members of the church and he was basicaly listening to the missionaries for 5 years when he finaly decided to pray to find out if the church was true and what he said was when he prayed he felt like somebody touched him on the shoulder and a great peace filled him and he decieded to be baptized that next saturday and not wait. I have got to say that listening to his convertion story was a great pick me up to get to work and be a more obedient missionary. 

In our area now we are trying to change things for the better in the work so that we can have a better area when I probably end up leaving the area in about 6 weeks. We have one investigator right now that is most likely going to be baptized in the next week she will be having her baptisimal interview next sunday. I have basicaly got a recharge to my batteries to work as a missionary and be more obedient in the mission even though my last companion was chill and we got along the work that we had going started to die off and I needed something new to continue to work hard in the mission. 

Hope that you all are going fine this week and I LOVE YOU ALL so very much. 

Elder Trepanier

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 28 Transfer 2 Week 17

5 Days until Mother's Day! We are looking forward to visiting with Elder Trepanier for a bit

Hello family,

Sorry if I am writting latter than usual. Things are going well for me here. For mothers day I can call you through skype at 1 o'clock my time because I have to be at the church in the morning until 12 and that is the only hour that I have free to call and talk to you guys. I will be able to call you guys through skype. Cant wait to talk to you. 

I will be sure to send photos of Utila next week when we go. Things are going fine for me in the work it is a bit dificult right now but I know that the baptisms will come. Right now I am completing 5 and a half months in my area and I will see next week if I will have changes to another area in the mission I think that I will because I have 2 changes with my comp Elder Hernandez. (I think his math is a little off, he's been in this area about 4 months)

Mom I did recieve the package last week. It is cool to hear that you got the oprotunity to go to the temple back home. I would love to go to the temple here in Honduras but that will probably not happen. Myself personaly I have been trying to be more reverent and calm more in the sacrament meetings in thinking of what I can start doing better as a missionary and what I am lacking. Always continue forward striving to be better each day. It does not matter how much that you have falled it is how you get back up and continue fighting to become better. I have learned alot on the mission and am striving to aplly it in my life. 

Glad to hear from the family let me know if the time that I gave you to talk is fine it. Talk to you guys next week.

Elder Trepanier

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weeks 24-27 Transfer 2 Weeks 13-16

Here's a month's worth of Elder Trepanier's emails. Enjoy!


April 4


Let me say that General Conference was great to listen to. We got to listen to it live because we are on the same time as it started in Utah, so that was cool and I got to listen to it in English as well with all the other North Americans in my area. The priesthood session was great to listen to. If you get a chance listen to President Nelson´s talk also listen to President Utchdorf´s talk as well. It seemed like in this conference they talked a lot about fatherhood and the importance of it. I also really liked Elder Holland´s talk as well with his closing remarks and how he opened it up. 

Apart from conference things have gone fine for me this week with my companion and in the area as well. As you said mom I am still in my area that I was the last 3 months, I fell like I will probably have changes in May the Wednesday after mothers day. I am not sure how we are going to call you for mothers day and all but what ever happens happens. 

Its crazy to think how much time has gone by since I left and now just about 6 months have passed by. 

Let me tell you that today we went to play volleyball on the beach in our zone area and I got sunburned bad so it is going to such these next few days or so as I start to recover from it. Hope that everything is going fine for you guys back home. 

Elder Trepanier 

April 11

Hello Family, 

Things are going fine for me in my area with Elder Hernandez. You are right dad it is my first time that I have survived changes without changing my companion or areas in the mission but I feel like it is going to be my time to change areas in the mission when the next changes come around. 

It is cool to hear that the bees are starting to work now and are producing honey. I would like to receive some in a package if I can get some from you guys if there can be a way to get it to me. It is so weird to hear that it hailed back home I am used to the straight rain here in Honduras that we get. Nothing really has changed for me in my area. It just feels like I am continuing to work for another month and a half. 

I have come to the conclusion that the mission if you have a companion that you can get along with you can change the area for the better because you are on the same page and you want to work as well. You can have a crap area but the mission can be a great time even. 

Mom I have not had a dream in Spanish yet I will let you know when I do if I remember. It was cool to hear that you had the missionaries over for dinner this week it must have felt better knowing that your son is on a mission. 

Lets just say that I am having a great time in my area working on the Lord;s work with him by my side. I got to say that on the mission I have been blessed so much that I have come to recognize it in my life daily now that it has started to become second nature to me. Hope that you guys have a good week and that everything goes fine for you this week. Talk to you next week. 

Elder Trepanier

April 18

Hello Family, 
This week was good in our area in the work that we did. We are going to have 2 baptisms in May and that is a firm point that is going to happen. I really hope that I will still be in the area when these baptisms happen. I want to see the fruits of my labors and rejoice. I feel like my work here in this area is not done here. 

I did burn a tie this week I will send you a picture when I can of it. It is good to hear from you guys weekly and see what everyone is up to through out the week. 

A spiritual experience that I had this week was when we were with an investigator and he said that you are like superheros in the street. Superman has his S, spider man has his spider on his chest and you guys have your backpacks. He said that we do not walk alone and when we are with him he does not fell like it is us and him only he feels like there is someone else with us like angels and such. This is so cool to hear someone that is not a member say and recognize these types of spiritual things that happen. 

Hope that your work is going well and that the family is going well as well. I truly hope for the best of you guys and thank you so much for the things that you have taught me the 18 years that I have lived with you guys and learned how I can be a better person and keep myself calm in situations. 

Hope that this week goes well for you guys and you keep reading the scriptures and praying personally and as a family. 

Elder Trepanier
April 25

Hey family, 

Things for me have gone fine for me this week. We have been working more and more with the members and meeting with them, especially those that are return missionaries. Let me say that one of them that we are working with (who is the young men's president) it is cool to have him with us in the lessons that we have with him. He is a help to the investigators and can relate. For other news in my area one of the return missionaries that is from this ward that I am in is moving to Salt Lake to get married with his girlfriend who is from the states and in this up coming week he will be gone and living in the states. I will try to get his information so that I can talk with him and get to know him a bit better and such. 

Let me just say that there are some changes that are hard and a trial for one as a missionary. There have not been baptisms in our are since those that I had in February and we do not have any planed until may and I will probably not be in the area to see them unless I get a 4th change in this area and a 3rd with my companion Elder Hernandez. Let me say that there are some things that get on my nerves with him as a companion but it has been a good time learning with him and from him as well. I do not try to focus on the bad things that my companions have and the things that get on my nerves. I always try to look for the good and focus on that. 

Hope that you enjoy the fotos (loved to see his use of Spanish spelling) that I sent to you. I will be going to Utila which is an Island that is part of our mission as a multi zone P-day that we will be doing with the other zone in our area. I will be sure to send you guys pictures of how it is and such. Hope that you all have a good week this week and enjoy all the small things in life and make the best out of every day.

Elder Trepanier

 I'm guessing that this is a beach there in La Ceiba
Looks like this is the tie that he burned at his 6 month mark

Monday, March 28, 2016

Weeks 22-23 Transfer 2 Weeks 11-12

March 21

Hello family,

Thank you for all your help and support that you have given me while I have been on the mission. It was cool to get some updates about march madness and what has been going on. It looks like an interesting layout with who is left in the sweet sixteen. Things are going fine for me here right now. This week in Honduras and much of Latin america it is semana santa and many people have work and school off this week so this week is going to be time for us as missionaries to take advantage and teach these people the gospel with there family if they receive us. Hope that everything is going fine for you guys and all. 

Today it is raining a lot which is not very good for a missionary because it is basically a dead P-Day that we really cant do anything, but we had an activity planned for this day and just about the entire zone came and we played soccer on a field while it was raining. Everybody was soaked  because of the rain and slipping and sliding on the grass field as well. Just about everybody fell to the ground which was funny to watch as well. I can say that this p-day was fun and not just okay lets stay home and then go and write and eat. We all need to act like fools sometimes. 

Hope that everything is going fine for you guys. 

Elder Trepanier

March 28

Hello Family, 

Things have going fine for me this week. I have been able to see many miracles this week that are good that I have seen. We are now starting to teach a family of 5 now and they seem to bee accepting of the gospel and what we are teaching. It is a great feeling to see how the Lord prepares his people and if we find them that they will accept the gospel and make the changes that are necessary to keep the Lords commandments. In my area right now we are continuing to work hard and trying to continue forward in teaching and finding people to teach and in helping them in any way that we can. 

It has been good to hear what has been happening back home especially with the family and what you guys have been doing. As I have been thinking about things I have come to recognize that I have been blessed on my mission in thinking that I will repay the lord for the many blessings that I have received, but I still feel like that I need to work harder as a missionary.  

Hey mom I recognized what is different. You are embracing the gray in your hair in the photo.
(I/Stacey had made mention of something being different in my message to him and told him that he needed to figure it out - I cut about 8 inches of hair off this past week. I had stopped coloring my hair before he even left - This made me laugh)

Elder Trepanier