Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 29-30 Transfer 2 Week 18-19

Week 29 (Post Mother's Day call)


So it was great to hear from you yesterday and talk. We found out yesterday that my comp Elder Hernandez has changes on Wednesday so I will be staying to see the baptism that we have for the 28th. When my comp found out we were just getting out of a lesson and he was shocked and was like it cant be so because I have less time than you. We went to go to a lesson with the investigator that is getting baptized on the 28th and he started to say goodbye and gave her a note and it ended up that she started crying because it is tough for both missionaries and investigators when there are changes the hard thing is that he is really kind and humble that when she read the note that he left for her she ended up crying. The crazy thing is that I had a dream in the beginning of this change that I would be the one that baptized her and I really did not know if that would be true or not, but it looks like I will be staying in my area for at least another change. 

Thanks for sending me the pictures of the honey extract. Like I told you guys yesterday when we talked if you can get me some honey that would be great if not than I can live without it. 

So like you guys know we went to Utila today and it was pretty cool to go and see the island. There are no missionaries on the island right now because it is a branch and there are not that many people that live there. Only alot of people that go to get certified to scuba dive and such. It ended up that President Klein came with us and it was cool to be with him for the day. Hope that you enjoy the pics that I took. Have a good week and continue to have fun these next few weeks with summer vacations and all. 

Elder Trepanier

Week 30

Hello Family, 

So I did not see an email that I had from you guys this week but let me say that all is fine for me here in the mission. (Yes, we missed our weekly family email - keeping it real) This week was changes and it ended up that I got a new companion in my area so I ended up staying in La Cieba for another 6 weeks with my new companion Elder Pop who is from Guatemala. He is so chill as a companion I think that I have had a good luck with companions in my mission I have gotten along with the majority of my companions in the mission so far. 

I have got to tell you that my companion has an interesting conversion story in how he became a member of the church. He is a convert of 2 years and before he was a member he was catholic but not catholic by birth and only went to church a few times a year, he was active in the catholic church in his home town. Some of his family were already members of the church and he was basicaly listening to the missionaries for 5 years when he finaly decided to pray to find out if the church was true and what he said was when he prayed he felt like somebody touched him on the shoulder and a great peace filled him and he decieded to be baptized that next saturday and not wait. I have got to say that listening to his convertion story was a great pick me up to get to work and be a more obedient missionary. 

In our area now we are trying to change things for the better in the work so that we can have a better area when I probably end up leaving the area in about 6 weeks. We have one investigator right now that is most likely going to be baptized in the next week she will be having her baptisimal interview next sunday. I have basicaly got a recharge to my batteries to work as a missionary and be more obedient in the mission even though my last companion was chill and we got along the work that we had going started to die off and I needed something new to continue to work hard in the mission. 

Hope that you all are going fine this week and I LOVE YOU ALL so very much. 

Elder Trepanier

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