Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weeks 31-32 Transfer 2

May 22nd

Hello Family,

Things here for me have been going fine. I have gotten used to my new companion Elder Pop in these past 2 weeks. We are going to have a baptism this week and I will be sure to send photos of it. The thing is that she is family of a recent convert that we have and she has never been so ready to be baptized. We shortly hope that the majority of this family can change their lives and become a family not only in this life but in the eternity. 

This week we have an activity with President Klein which is one of the final times that we will see him before he leaves this next transfer. In this activity all the missionaries in the zone have a chance to ask him questions that they have for him no matter what the topic is. I will be sure to send you guys pictures and all. This change for me has been a change of pace and we are working harder in our area and starting to advance the work even though the attendance of the ward is going down we will be there to help guide the ward in how they can better themselves. 

Probably this next change I will be leaving this area and I am working hard to try and leave the area better than I found it when I came, so that when the new companion of Elder Pop comes he will be able to work as well with him and that they will have success. 

It is cool to here that Katie is leaving for her mission this week. Tell her to send me emails as well if you can. 

Hope that this week goes well for you guys. 

Elder Trepanier

I found these photos in another email to Cory. I believe they are from his p-day to Utila a few weeks ago

May 30th

Hello family, 

Things for me went fine but the baptism that we had planned this Saturday fell through due to complications that happened during this week. I got a bit discouraged Saturday and Sunday when this happened, but things happen and God has a plan for all. The activity that happened with President Klein went great. He had some good advice to give us personally and spiritually as well. He had some good advice to give on marriage and such before he leaves this next few weeks and the new mission president comes in and does his work. 

Andrew it is good to hear that you are planning on enjoying your summer. Wow APUS be prepared for a lot of reading this year. A bit of advice try to finish your summer homework the fastest you can so that you can enjoy your summer. Work some take a bit of a break and relax and get back to work just work bit by bit and things will get done. It seems like you have a good plan to get into shape you could see if you can get a gym membership and go with friends if you can. Do cross training to continue to stay in shape and do not be a couch potato this summer like I was on my vacations. 

Rachel things will be fine with the transition of high school just do not waste your time and use it wisely to get your homework done. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it from mom and dad for your homework and if you feel tired and have a bunch of homework to do and you do not think that you will finish it in time to go to mutual make the decision that you believe to be the correct one go to mutual, or finish your homework that you need to get done. 

Hope that you have a good week, and good summer.

Elder Trepanier     

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