Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 28 Transfer 2 Week 17

5 Days until Mother's Day! We are looking forward to visiting with Elder Trepanier for a bit

Hello family,

Sorry if I am writting latter than usual. Things are going well for me here. For mothers day I can call you through skype at 1 o'clock my time because I have to be at the church in the morning until 12 and that is the only hour that I have free to call and talk to you guys. I will be able to call you guys through skype. Cant wait to talk to you. 

I will be sure to send photos of Utila next week when we go. Things are going fine for me in the work it is a bit dificult right now but I know that the baptisms will come. Right now I am completing 5 and a half months in my area and I will see next week if I will have changes to another area in the mission I think that I will because I have 2 changes with my comp Elder Hernandez. (I think his math is a little off, he's been in this area about 4 months)

Mom I did recieve the package last week. It is cool to hear that you got the oprotunity to go to the temple back home. I would love to go to the temple here in Honduras but that will probably not happen. Myself personaly I have been trying to be more reverent and calm more in the sacrament meetings in thinking of what I can start doing better as a missionary and what I am lacking. Always continue forward striving to be better each day. It does not matter how much that you have falled it is how you get back up and continue fighting to become better. I have learned alot on the mission and am striving to aplly it in my life. 

Glad to hear from the family let me know if the time that I gave you to talk is fine it. Talk to you guys next week.

Elder Trepanier

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