Monday, April 25, 2016

Weeks 24-27 Transfer 2 Weeks 13-16

Here's a month's worth of Elder Trepanier's emails. Enjoy!


April 4


Let me say that General Conference was great to listen to. We got to listen to it live because we are on the same time as it started in Utah, so that was cool and I got to listen to it in English as well with all the other North Americans in my area. The priesthood session was great to listen to. If you get a chance listen to President Nelson´s talk also listen to President Utchdorf´s talk as well. It seemed like in this conference they talked a lot about fatherhood and the importance of it. I also really liked Elder Holland´s talk as well with his closing remarks and how he opened it up. 

Apart from conference things have gone fine for me this week with my companion and in the area as well. As you said mom I am still in my area that I was the last 3 months, I fell like I will probably have changes in May the Wednesday after mothers day. I am not sure how we are going to call you for mothers day and all but what ever happens happens. 

Its crazy to think how much time has gone by since I left and now just about 6 months have passed by. 

Let me tell you that today we went to play volleyball on the beach in our zone area and I got sunburned bad so it is going to such these next few days or so as I start to recover from it. Hope that everything is going fine for you guys back home. 

Elder Trepanier 

April 11

Hello Family, 

Things are going fine for me in my area with Elder Hernandez. You are right dad it is my first time that I have survived changes without changing my companion or areas in the mission but I feel like it is going to be my time to change areas in the mission when the next changes come around. 

It is cool to hear that the bees are starting to work now and are producing honey. I would like to receive some in a package if I can get some from you guys if there can be a way to get it to me. It is so weird to hear that it hailed back home I am used to the straight rain here in Honduras that we get. Nothing really has changed for me in my area. It just feels like I am continuing to work for another month and a half. 

I have come to the conclusion that the mission if you have a companion that you can get along with you can change the area for the better because you are on the same page and you want to work as well. You can have a crap area but the mission can be a great time even. 

Mom I have not had a dream in Spanish yet I will let you know when I do if I remember. It was cool to hear that you had the missionaries over for dinner this week it must have felt better knowing that your son is on a mission. 

Lets just say that I am having a great time in my area working on the Lord;s work with him by my side. I got to say that on the mission I have been blessed so much that I have come to recognize it in my life daily now that it has started to become second nature to me. Hope that you guys have a good week and that everything goes fine for you this week. Talk to you next week. 

Elder Trepanier

April 18

Hello Family, 
This week was good in our area in the work that we did. We are going to have 2 baptisms in May and that is a firm point that is going to happen. I really hope that I will still be in the area when these baptisms happen. I want to see the fruits of my labors and rejoice. I feel like my work here in this area is not done here. 

I did burn a tie this week I will send you a picture when I can of it. It is good to hear from you guys weekly and see what everyone is up to through out the week. 

A spiritual experience that I had this week was when we were with an investigator and he said that you are like superheros in the street. Superman has his S, spider man has his spider on his chest and you guys have your backpacks. He said that we do not walk alone and when we are with him he does not fell like it is us and him only he feels like there is someone else with us like angels and such. This is so cool to hear someone that is not a member say and recognize these types of spiritual things that happen. 

Hope that your work is going well and that the family is going well as well. I truly hope for the best of you guys and thank you so much for the things that you have taught me the 18 years that I have lived with you guys and learned how I can be a better person and keep myself calm in situations. 

Hope that this week goes well for you guys and you keep reading the scriptures and praying personally and as a family. 

Elder Trepanier
April 25

Hey family, 

Things for me have gone fine for me this week. We have been working more and more with the members and meeting with them, especially those that are return missionaries. Let me say that one of them that we are working with (who is the young men's president) it is cool to have him with us in the lessons that we have with him. He is a help to the investigators and can relate. For other news in my area one of the return missionaries that is from this ward that I am in is moving to Salt Lake to get married with his girlfriend who is from the states and in this up coming week he will be gone and living in the states. I will try to get his information so that I can talk with him and get to know him a bit better and such. 

Let me just say that there are some changes that are hard and a trial for one as a missionary. There have not been baptisms in our are since those that I had in February and we do not have any planed until may and I will probably not be in the area to see them unless I get a 4th change in this area and a 3rd with my companion Elder Hernandez. Let me say that there are some things that get on my nerves with him as a companion but it has been a good time learning with him and from him as well. I do not try to focus on the bad things that my companions have and the things that get on my nerves. I always try to look for the good and focus on that. 

Hope that you enjoy the fotos (loved to see his use of Spanish spelling) that I sent to you. I will be going to Utila which is an Island that is part of our mission as a multi zone P-day that we will be doing with the other zone in our area. I will be sure to send you guys pictures of how it is and such. Hope that you all have a good week this week and enjoy all the small things in life and make the best out of every day.

Elder Trepanier

 I'm guessing that this is a beach there in La Ceiba
Looks like this is the tie that he burned at his 6 month mark

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