Monday, March 28, 2016

Weeks 22-23 Transfer 2 Weeks 11-12

March 21

Hello family,

Thank you for all your help and support that you have given me while I have been on the mission. It was cool to get some updates about march madness and what has been going on. It looks like an interesting layout with who is left in the sweet sixteen. Things are going fine for me here right now. This week in Honduras and much of Latin america it is semana santa and many people have work and school off this week so this week is going to be time for us as missionaries to take advantage and teach these people the gospel with there family if they receive us. Hope that everything is going fine for you guys and all. 

Today it is raining a lot which is not very good for a missionary because it is basically a dead P-Day that we really cant do anything, but we had an activity planned for this day and just about the entire zone came and we played soccer on a field while it was raining. Everybody was soaked  because of the rain and slipping and sliding on the grass field as well. Just about everybody fell to the ground which was funny to watch as well. I can say that this p-day was fun and not just okay lets stay home and then go and write and eat. We all need to act like fools sometimes. 

Hope that everything is going fine for you guys. 

Elder Trepanier

March 28

Hello Family, 

Things have going fine for me this week. I have been able to see many miracles this week that are good that I have seen. We are now starting to teach a family of 5 now and they seem to bee accepting of the gospel and what we are teaching. It is a great feeling to see how the Lord prepares his people and if we find them that they will accept the gospel and make the changes that are necessary to keep the Lords commandments. In my area right now we are continuing to work hard and trying to continue forward in teaching and finding people to teach and in helping them in any way that we can. 

It has been good to hear what has been happening back home especially with the family and what you guys have been doing. As I have been thinking about things I have come to recognize that I have been blessed on my mission in thinking that I will repay the lord for the many blessings that I have received, but I still feel like that I need to work harder as a missionary.  

Hey mom I recognized what is different. You are embracing the gray in your hair in the photo.
(I/Stacey had made mention of something being different in my message to him and told him that he needed to figure it out - I cut about 8 inches of hair off this past week. I had stopped coloring my hair before he even left - This made me laugh)

Elder Trepanier

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