Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weeks 20-21 Transfer 2 Weeks 9-10


Hello Family 

It is good to hear that everyone is going fine this week. The picture that is attached is one of my companion and I with another missionary in another zone that I know as well. It is crazy to see how much the church has grown here in about 40-50 years. In April they are going to be forming a new stake in the area. 

This week we had a Multizone conference like mom said. The theme of the conference was personal revelation and let me say that it was interesting to listen and I learned a lot from this conference for myself and how I can help those that I teach as well. 

I have been thinking about that too mom that the first of the 4 general conferences is coming up next month. As well as mothers day in may when I get to call you guys next. Time really does go by fast in the mission like people say that have served. But in this time you do understand more the atonment and learn more about the gospel because you are stuying it and teaching it daily to the people. I can see all the blessings that I have recieved by serving a mission in this small time that i have been out here in honduras.

This past week I was sick for a few days but I am getting better day by day. Thanks for all the love that you express for me in these letters hope that you have a good next week and let me know how march madness goes back in the states. 

Elder Trepanier


Hello Familly,

Things are going fine for me in Honduras right now. Let me tell you it is starting to get hot here in La Cieba it feels a bit like summer in Tucson because of the humidity. I'm getting used to it a bit more but I am sweating a lot because of the heat. In the mission right now the work is increasing a lot because they are dividing the stake in April so all the wards and missionaries are working to strengthen themselves for the division that is coming. Every day I come home to the apartment tired from the work that we are doing. For my last P-Day we played basketball with a few other missionaries in the stake center in our area. In the ward we only have 2 missionaries (me and my companion) and a ward mission leader. 

This past week we have been starting to look for less active members to try and reactivate them and bring them back to the church. Let me say that it is a bit said to see members of the church that have withdrawn themselves for reasons of their own, but this is what missionary work is all about. Inviting people to come unto christ and helping them understand his teachings. It looks like this change I will not be having any baptisms but that is nothing to me right now I know that the baptisms will come from the work that I do in this area even if I do not baptize the investigators that we have I delight that I was part of their conversion story. 

It is cool to hear what ha happened back home with Andrew and him getting a job. I hope that he can hook me up with one when I get back from the mission. Thanks for sending me some pictures from home especialy the temple. One question: when is the predicted dedication date of the temple? It is cool to see the progress that they have made. And thank you very much for the picture of rosco it has been a while since I have seen a picture of him. Hope that he is doing well. 

In one month is general conference and in may is mothers day so I will be calling to talk to you guys to see how it is going about 1/4 through my mission. The time seems to fly by. Hope that you all have a good week. 

Elder Trepanier

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