Monday, January 4, 2016

Weeks 10-11 Transfer 1 Weeks 4-5

Week 10

Hey Family, 

Firsts things first the time that you gave me to skype on Christmas Eve at 2 pm my time works perfectly for me I just need to find a place that I can use that has a web camera so that I can talk with you via skype it will probably be from an Internet cafe. I am just going to give you the number of the mission phone that we have so that if you guys are running late on your end you can call and talk to me and I know your phone number so that if I am running late on my end I can call you guys. Now this does not mean that you can call me during the week to talk to me it is only for talking before the skype call to make sure that we are all ready to go because I have 40 minutes to talk to all of you. The phone number is **********(redacted by Stacey) I can not wait to talk to you guys and see how you are doing. 

Let me tell you guys being in a trio of missionaries is different because of how things work in our lessons. All that it basically is that one of us starts the lesson off and then we rotate between the three of us who is going to talk I am still getting used to it because I am only used to it just me and my trainer Elder Coj in lessons and we pass the topics of the lessons off one to another but things are going fine with them. Elder Garnica my other companion does not speak English at all and what English that he does know are bad words that are not really appropriate to say as a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Things have been going great for me in the mission. We are nearing the end of my first change (which is normally 6 weeks but this change is a 7 week one) here as a missionary and it weird to talk to the other missionaries in my district about what can happen to everyone in the district and in the zone. I am adjusting better to the language now that I have one month in the field. Let me tell you guys that time really does fly by on the mission. They say that the first 3 months of you mission are slow but let me tell you guys that i feel like this has been one of the fastest months in my life because we are working everyday until about 9 o'clock at night. 

Thank you guys for the pictures that you have sent me and the words of encouragement that you have sent. I can not wait to see you guys on Christmas Eve and see how you have all changed. I got to say Andrew you look pretty good in a suit and with your new hair cut as well. Let me say that what Brother Toledo said was true the hair cuts that you get on a mission are so so I got my first hair cut in the field today and I fell that it looks good but it is not how I usually like it. 

Hope that you guys are doing well. See you on Thursday. 

Elder Trepanier 

Week 11


It was so good to talk to you guys as well. I can not send any photos this week because I forgot to bring my camera with me to send a few pictures but I will send more next week. Christmas went well for me one tradition that they have for Christmas is when on Christmas Eve it changes to Christmas Day they set off fireworks it is kind of like New Years Eve in the states. You will do fine in your new calling that you have and I am sure that the lord will guide you in what you need to do. Thanks for everything and hope that everything is going fine back home. 

Elder Trepanier

Hey family, 

It is great to hear how things are going for you and what happened this week. Let me say that things went fine for me this new year, and with every new year everyone has new years resolutions or goals that they want to accomplish. First things first this week I got the letters that Rachel sent from the church this past tuesday and just so that you can know it took about 4 weeks for it to get to me from what I could see from the packaging. It seems that you all had a good time this past week. 

Dad we had a zone conference in december and it was pretty cool. We had 2 zones there and it was an experience for me to have. The mission president speaks in spanish when we are at a meeting as a zone or for me when I went for a 4 week meeting with my trainer, and if we are in an interview he speaks english with the north americans or when he calls to speak with a north american. 

It seems that everyone is doing fine and had fun while Andre and Zack and aunt lonie were with the family. For me my new year went by pretty tranquile because President Klien said that he wanted all of the missionaries to be in there houses at 8 oclock and I decided to follow the missionary schedule and go to sleep at 10:30 and I was woken up by the amount of fireworks and firecrackers were set off at midnight and I raised my head from my pillow and thought to myself oh its midnight.

I am having a good time here and am wanting to continue to work and be the best missionary that I can be. I can not believe that I have just about finished 3 month in the mission and have finished my first change here in Honduras. It seems like the time has just flown by for me. Like people say time flies when you are having fun, and I am trying to have the most fun that I can. Also every day seems to be going my so fast because of the amount of work that I am doing. 

Here are some pictures of the christmas gifts that I got myself and what the majority of the houses look like here. 

Elder Trepanier

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