Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 2: Guatemala CCM

Hey guys,

So ive just about completed my second week in the CCM and it has been good. Majority of my time has been sitting in the classroom learning how to speak spanish and become better missionaries from preach my gospel. It is crazy now we had 41 north american (or nortes as we call them here) elders and sisters leave with all the latinos that were in here for two weeks. We are supposed to get about 1 district of nortes here tomorrow they are all probably either having there final meal with their family before they head off on the plane to start there missions. 

This Sunday was such a good sunday for me personally and spiritually. We had a devotional on faith and another on baptism. They were both given by great speakers and motivators. The president of the CCM is so good at getting us pumped up. When we had a district meeting after those 2 devotionales and the words of one of my favorite one republic song came into my head and I was thinking what type of missionary that I want to be. The chorus is And I did it all And I did it all I owned every second that this world could give saw so many places and things that I did and with every broken bone I swear I lived. And I thought I want to give all my time to the lord and when the time comes that I am to go home I want to stand before my mission president, the lord, and Jesus Christ and say that I did all I could do while I am in Honduras and all my time that I had was used to help thy work advance in the central americas. 

Everything is going fine with me learning spanish. I hit a bit of a rough spot this week all the latinos that I have talked with say that I need to relax and just let the words that I need to say come out. Majority of my time is spent in the classroom. We get up at 6:30 have half an hour to get ready for the day and then we have about 2 and a half hours of study time for personal and language study. Then we have classes from 9:30 to 7:00 with breaks in between for lunch and dinner. Our teachers that we have are natives to the central americas that can speak some english but not the best english majority of them are from guatemala. 

Hope everyone is doing fine,
Elder Trepanier

Everyting is going fine mom. The time that we have to email home changes dependent on our schedule for our PDay. For example today we had the opportunity to go tour what is called here the governor's palace which is a beautiful building. I was able to take pictures but I can`t send them to you here in the mtc. You will have to wait till I get out in the field to get my pictures of my companion and the other elders that I am with here in the CCM. 

With regards to the photos those are all the elders and hermanas that were in the CCM with me for my first 2 weeks. The amount of people here is going to be alot smaller than it was just yesterday because we are only getting about 8-12 nortes here tomorrow in the morning can`t to see what they are like and such. Hope that everything is going fine with regards for the house. 

Elder Trepanier 

In another email he mentioned that 41 of the pictured elders and sisters left today for their missions. His current companion is the "5th person to the right of him".
I googled the Governor's Palace in Guatemala City and it does look pretty cool. My humanities loving siblings will enjoy the architecture. 

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