Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 5

Hey guys,

So I have 3 days left in the CCM and I will be out in the feild in my mission. We have to go so soon because they have a mission president conference in Costa Rica. I feel like I know and undersand spanish pretty well here but once I get out in the feild I am prepared to not understand the majority of what people are saying. 

I am feeling better now from my sickness. There were a few days that it stunk but now I feel a lot  better since ive been taking medicine and getting enough rest. There are going to be afew things that I am going to miss here in the CCM. The food is going to be one of them next are the freinds that I've  made here, one other thing that I am going to miss are the sundays here they are so awsome after the regular church services that we have we have devotionals that really get our spirits up and I want to get out into the mission feild right then and there.

The next email that you guys will get from me will be when I am in Honduras and I will have oficially started the proselytizing part of my mission. Untill next week. 

Elder Trepanier

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